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Current Mortgage Rates

Nevada mortgage rates are competitive with current mortgage rates, which is good news for those planning to relocate to this state that is popular because of its nightlife and the fact that it has no state income tax.

Current mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed rate loan start at just over 4%, with no points and a 30-day lock. Fees for this loan start at under $1,000 and the loan is available to those with credit scores at 700 and above who have 20% for a down payment. Higher credit scores seem to have little impact on this loan and a smaller down payment of 5% will raise the interest rate by less than one-quarter of a percent.

A minimum credit score of 680 and 20% down will receive an APR of 4.25% with no points and a 45-day lock. However, this loan has almost $2,000 in associated fees; lower fees are available, but they are offset by higher interest rates. A 5% down payment will increase this loan by only one-eighth of a percent, which might be a key factor for a buyer.

For those with minimum credit scores of 660 and a 20% down payment, APR’s start at just under 4.5% with fees ranging from just under $1,000 to around $2,200 depending on the lender. Rate locks are 30-45 days, again depending on the lender. Having just 5% down can net a loan at the same rate, with no points and a 45-day rate lock; however, the fees of more than $2,000 may offset the attractiveness of the interest rate. Lower fees will only marginally increase the interest rate but a credit score of 740 or more will decrease the interest rate by almost a half-percent, to just over 4.16%.

Fifteen-year, fixed Nevada mortgage rates are also available with APR’s ranging from 3.442% to just below 4%, with no points and a minimum 30-day rate lock. Fees start at just over $700 and range upward to almost $2,000. Although the monthly payment for these 15-year mortgages is higher, the long-term interest paid is considerably less, making them attractive to those who need to pay off a mortgage in a shorter time.

Jumbo mortgages are available from these same lenders, but the above rates, fees and down payments do not necessarily apply. These rates are for principal and interest only; resulting mortgage payments will be affected by the inclusion of property taxes, PMI or insurance as applicable.

4.25% 30 Year Fixed Rate
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