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A series of financial reports are shining a positive light on the economy of Massachusetts despite the recent plunge in the financial markets. While the US economy grows at a sluggish pace, reports from Boston and Springfield indicated that the state economy grew by more than 4 percent.

Strategic investments in high technology are some of the reasons behind the robust economic growth in Massachusetts. Commercial real estate is seeing signs of recovery after several months of stagnation. Research and development firms are reportedly busy with new projects. The residential housing market is still lagging behind, although there are some factors that could possibly lead to improvements.

Massachusetts mortgage rates are now lower than ever, and real estate prices are holding up better than in many housing markets across the nation. Home sales are still at their lowest levels in 20 years, but that diminished demand may change soon according to some real estate observers.

Refinance home mortgage rates in the Bay State are at historic low levels thanks to the yield on US Treasury debt securities. After months of political wrangling over the deficit and a downgrade of the US credit rating, Massachusetts mortgage rates fell to just under 4.25 percent at some lending institutions.

Massachusetts homeowners looking for low refinance home mortgage rates are advised to act quickly. The low yield on most US Treasury securities is the reason why Massachusetts mortgage rates are currently so low. That trend could easily be reversed now that the US credit rating has been downgraded by Standard and Poor´s. Wall Street investors managed to push down the yield on Treasury securities in early August due to the wild gyrations in the financial markets. Investors may pull their money out of the Treasuries once the stock exchanges return to normality, thereby pushing the yield up and increasing interest rates.

In other good news for area homeowners, the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency is planning the sale of a special bond that could provide about $55 million in financing for new home loans. The performance of the agency´s bond portfolio has been impressive considering the dismal state of the US housing market. The rate of foreclosures in the commonwealth is almost half of the national average, and the mortgage delinquency figures are clearly lower than the rest of the nation.

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