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US Wide Financial $1157.79 3.750% 3.794% 0.501% $95.00 10/07/2011 – A Direct Lender $1157.79 3.750% 3.814% 0.000% $1950.00 10/07/2011
US Wide Financial $1175.59 3.875% 3.878% 0.000% $95.00 10/07/2011 – A Direct Lender $1140.13 3.625% 3.754% 0.789% $1950.00 10/07/2011 – A Direct Lender $1122.61 3.500% 3.703% 1.697% $1950.00 10/07/2011
US Wide Financial $1140.13 3.625% 3.751% 1.501% $95.00 10/07/2011
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Current Mortgage Rates

Potential homeowners all across the Sunflower State are learning that Kansas Mortgage Rates are low enough to be quite favorable. This is the case whether you have been mulling a variable vs fixed mortgage. Recently, both these rates and the average selling price of homes in the state have fallen.

As far as fixed mortgages go, one can find 30-year fixed mortgages ranging from 4.22 % to 4.66% APR in Wichita. Over in Kansas City, some home buyers have been able to snare rates of 4.35% APR.

Another popular part of the state to buy a home is Topeka. Borrowers there may encounter rates of 4.22% to 4.66% APR. These Kansas Mortgage Rates are in line with the national average of 4.35% for a 30-year fixed mortgage. This makes the average list price of almost $145,000 a possibility for a wide array of homeowners. Rural Kansas borrowers can find rates comparable to their urban counterparts.

Those who prefer fixed mortgages with shorter terms can look forward to rates that are even more competitive. In Lawrence, borrowers can come across rates of 3.38% to 3.96% APR for a 15-year fixed mortgage. Homes in Hays can be financed with a 20-year fixed mortgage for as low as 3.88%.

When preparing to finance a home, often buyers stop to consider the benefits of a variable vs fixed mortgage. While many Kansans enjoy the long term commitment of fixed mortgages, others may prefer the relatively low rates of a variable mortgage.

For example, a homeowner in Overland Park can find a 5/1 ARM in the area of 2.77% to 3.32% APR. In contrast, a 30-year fixed mortgage there is available for as high as 5.08%. Another sampling of rates in Doniphan indicates that a 5/1 ARM can be found for as little as 2.69%.

Listing the advantages of a variable vs fixed mortgage can also help home buyers gain access to the terms best suited to them. Comparing a 5/1 or 7/1 ARM to 15-year or 30-year fixed mortgages can yield different rates and monthly payments. Since Kansas Mortgage Rates are so reasonable, borrowers should find that securing the financing they want is a great way to move into their new homes.

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