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Institution Payments Rates Apr Points Fees Last Update   Phone – A Direct Lender $1122.61 3.500% 3.703% 1.697% $1950.00 10/07/2011 – A Direct Lender $1140.13 3.625% 3.754% 0.789% $1950.00 10/07/2011 – A Direct Lender $1157.79 3.750% 3.814% 0.000% $1950.00 10/07/2011
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Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rages change often, making it a little bit of a challenge to keep up with home loan mortgage rates in Iowa and other states. If you are in the market for a home, or want to refinance, you will definitely want to check out Iowa mortgage rates before deciding which lender to choose. Your rates may vary based on the lender, your personal credit score, and the current housing market.

The Market

The housing market in Iowa is a little unique thanks to the state’s farming based economy. There has been little depreciation of homes in the state over the past few years, and most people have been able to avoid foreclosures. Iowa has one of the lowest foreclosure rates in the country, ensuring great Iowa mortgage rates for those looking to relocate to the Midwestern United States.

Home loan mortgage rates in Iowa are also fairly affordable for the average family. While there is some slow upward movement in the price of homes, the market in the state has been among the most stable in the country. For an average sized three bedroom home, the rates are currently at 2.0 to 2.6 percent for buyers with good credit. If you have less than excellent credit, you will usually pay more interest if you aren’t able to improve your credit score before buying a home.

Market Appreciation

The housing market in the state of Iowa is expected to appreciate about three percent over the next year. This is a relatively modest increase in the price of a home, especially when the rest of the country has seen home prices raise significantly when compared to Iowa. The stable economy is one of the main reasons that this state has been able to keep home prices, and interest rates, reasonable over the last several years.

Iowa banks have also helped to reduce foreclosures by reducing the prices of homes that were repossessed during the recent global economic downturn. If you are looking for great prices on rental homes, or want to find an affordable home for your family, Iowa is an excellent place to begin your search. The state offers a wide selection of home that are priced to sell, and some that can be found for much less through banks and other financial institutions that offer foreclosed homes to investors and individuals.

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